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Empowering Humans

We are trying to empower humans so they can earn, feed their families,

live a better life, educate their families and live healthy life !


Marvelous Foundation !

An organization working for financial support through skill development

We all know God created unlimited resources; he promised to provide us food, shelter and whatever we need in order to live a better life however the only condition is to work hard and doing something in life to earn money.

We have literally having unlimited resources to make money and feed our families but we don’t explore, we don’t move, we never take risks, we never try, we never learn, we don’t try to learn skills, never gain experience and thus our life is always miserable.

It’s because we don’t have people who guides us, who support us, who facilitate us, can finance us and show us the clear path of success, share their experiences to give you insights.

We are Marvelous Foundation will provide you assistance, guidance, show you the way to earn according to your nature, skills, passion, expertise, will, strength and  knowledge so you can move forward to the direction you like.

We even finance you if you have any idea to make money and you need resources to start any start-up or small business.

We wish to reduce poverty, we wish everyone live happily, should have enough resources to earn handsome income; we aim healthy & educated community.

If you wish to move forward in life and don’t know how to do we are here to help us !


Learn Web Designing & Earn Online

Web Design is an art, if you know the art you can literally make your fortune online, learn web design skill, earn online, develop your own website for business, on your personal skills, run an e-commerce store, introduce opportunities to the world & You can convey your message to all over the world through a website!

We are offering 10 to 15 days Free Training Course for Web Design, from Zero to Expert Level.

Do you have any business idea & need support?

If you have any business idea, proposal, plan and you don’t have resources to do it practically, let’s share with us, we can finance you, we can provide you resources to implement your idea.

Who We Are?

Marvelous Foundation is CSR initiative of Bin Quresh Group, a Group with multiple businesses with following companies; Universal Marketing & Management Group, Bin Quresh Constructions, DaArt Institute of Art & Design, The E Media Private Limited,  Marvelous Holidays and Marvelous Tourism.

The purpose of the Foundation is to help needy people whatever resources they need to earn and feed their families.

It’s really hard today for many families, kids, widows and orphans to live a happy life while there is too much expensiveness, price-hike in everyday consumer products, also due to higher un-employment rate.

It is our duty to take care such people and families to support them.


What we Offer?

Primarily we are offering income sources to people don’t have any income resources by providing them financial support, any business start-up, provide them technical skills, trainings and providing them marketplaces so they can start income from any source we can provide them.

We have multiple ways right now where we can provide resources to educated, un-educated people, non-skilled people & people having nothing at all.

Currently we can offer following income resources:

For Uneducated people we can provide training for driving so one can start a job as driver, for women we can provide training & can offer them a sewing machine so they can start something from their home.


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