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Master in Web Design in 3 weeks & start earning from home with Freelancer sites

Web Design is the fast growing field of business in Pakistan. Pakistan is making rapid progress in IT industry and demand for quality web developers is increasing day by day.

You can earn a very handsome income from web design services in your area, working with freelance sites and through many different channels like Blogging, Google Adsense & Affiliate Marketing like Amazon and Ali Express etc.

You can work as a professional in Web Design field and can get great jobs not only in Pakistan but also in other countries.

We The E Media Private Limited is an experienced and one of the top and oldest Web Design & Digital Marketing company in Islamabad, we developed hundreds of websites and served corporate sector, Government, Multinationals and Embassies.

We will gladly assist you how to create a website within 3 weeks and start earning online through different mediums. 

Course Details:


  1. Introduction about Internet
  2. How internet works
  3. How websites work
  4. What are key benefits of having a website
  5. How we can earn from a website
  6. What are E-Commerce website
  7. How Search Engine Works



  1. What is domain and hosting
  2. How to setup domain & hosting
  3. Business emails
  4. How to use Cpanel
  5. How to configure various cpanel stuff


Setting up a website:

  1. Understanding various types of business websites
  2. How to setup a website
  3. Understanding layouts, color scheme and structures


Creating your first Website:

  1. Creating your Homepage
  2. Creating Pages
  3. Basic SEO Techniques
  4. Page Setup, Settings, Understanding various page designs
  5. Configuring a website
  6. Contact Pages


Forms and Other Media

  1. Creating Forms, Contact form, Booking forms, Order forms
  2. Creating Media Galleries
  3. Creating Video Galleries


E-Commerce Websites

  1. Understanding E-Commerce websites
  2. Setting your Online Store
  3. Setting Customers, Billing and Invoicing systems
  4. Creating Store, Creating Categories, Uploading Products & Placing Orders
  5. Payments & Billing System


Final Project:

Project that students will create based on learning.


Why Us?

 We provide pure practical classes so you can even start your own business after completion of course, you can do job anywhere and we will provide you assistance in case of any issue in your career. We will teach you exactly how we are serving our clients and also marketing tactics.



Course Duration:           3 Weeks, 4 days Class in a week

Session:                            90 Minutes a day


Eligibility & Requirements:

  • Education should be Metric & onwards
  • Every student willing to join course should have his/her laptop
  • CNIC Copy


Fee & Registration:

The fee for the needy people is totally free of any cost, The organization will pay the fee for every student who is looking to earn money for their families.

Total fee to entire course is PKR.30,000 payable in advance for the normal student.

We will serve only first 10 students. Registration will close after 10 enrollments.